Category: illustration

  • Alcoholism and lino printing

    Lino printing is great yet time consuming. 1 of 8/9 wallpapers done

  • Drawing Practice: Fawn

  • Life On Mars

    So i’m a bit of an addict when it comes to certain things. I’m addicted to the band Snuff, so I own almost everything by them and by bands involving the member/related to them. I’m addicted to shoes, and as such I own several pairs that I hardly ever wear. And the last thing is…

  • Software vs. Hand Rendering

    I’ve always been a bit of a digital junkie. In my years at college I mainly did most of my work using photoshop and illustrator, until I found out how much I enjoyed using the printmaking facilities. One of the choices that i’m trying to decide at the moment is whether I want to go…

  • Random Sketchbook

    So i’ve got a couple of sketchbooks that I like to do work in that’s not related to my uni work, to try and work on things that I need to improve on. One of these sketchbooks I use to mainly draw faces and portraits from images/films, and I thought i’d share a few of…